Money DNA™ Workshop

Discover Your 'Money DNA™' , and create BIG financial results… with a lot less effort.

What would life be like, if you had…

A plan for financial abundance that’s as specific to YOU as your own genetic blueprint?

September 15th, 5 pm - 7 pm Eastern

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Are your finances not exactly where you want them to be?

Do you want to be happier AND have more money?

Do you feel stuck, working for someone else at a capped salary?

Do you believe that a life of financial abundance can only come from grueling years of ‘hard work and hustle’?

Does just thinking about doing that seem so exhausting that it stops you from even trying to increase your wealth?

It’s OK. You may not be the type of person who can thrive while putting in endless hours of work in a non-stop hustle.

And by “thrive” I don’t mean just living. I’m talking about experiencing true fulfillment and happiness while also enjoying wealth. And the truth is, there are VERY FEW people who can succeed like that!

It’s tedious.
Hard on the body.
Soul sucking.
Contributes nothing to your happiness.
Offers small returns.

But there’s good news!

I’m here to tell you that type of grind ISN’T EVEN NECESSARY FOR SUCCESS!!!

And I’ll tell you a secret, too: millionaires don’t earn their money that way, either.

So, why do we keep doing it? Why do we keep trying “all the things”? Crypto. Forex. NFT’s. Sixty-hour work weeks at a corporate job creating large profits for someone else to enjoy.
Because we’ve never been taught to think or do any differently, have we?

(Not until now that is!!)

Seriously, it isn’t your fault that up until now you haven’t had all the information you needed. None of us were taught this in school! In fact, we’re taught the EXACT OPPOSITE.

But what if I told you I’ve figured out a different way. A BETTER way. And I have the results to prove it. Would you be interested in learning about it?

What if I promised that I can help you gain a level of insight into yourself that will unlock a ‘code’ specific to you, so you can finally create the life you dream of? An ABUNDANT life that FEELS GOOD!

Would you jump at that? If so, then get ready to jump.

But first, let me share my story…

What I’m About :

Hi, I’m Dan Mangena. And by my mid-twenties I had built and lost two multi-million-dollar fortunes.

Trust me, I understand how it feels to live life in frustration.

Thinking that happiness, wealth, and fulfillment just weren’t in the cards for me. Just weren’t my destiny.

Like I said, by my mid-twenties I had built and lost two multi-million-dollar fortunes.

That may sound like success, but I just couldn’t hold on to it. So, I lost it all. Twice. Talk about failure.

I felt like giving up at the time.

Maybe I wasn’t supposed to be rich, I thought. Things got so bad for me that I didn’t feel like I was supposed to continue living at all.

I began seeking ways to end my life

In doing so, I found the key to EVERYTHING:


If I wanted that dream life, it all started with me. I AM THE BLUEPRINT THAT CREATES THE RESULTS.

I had to take full responsibility as the creator of everything in my life. That revelation put me on the path to a sustainable and inevitable life of abundance.

I turned all my failures into life lessons and huge successes.

Now, I live in “paradise” Cabo, Mexico with my beautiful family, stunning views, and a constant flow of wealth that comes to me effortlessly. With plenty of free time to enjoy the life I built.

  • I have had the immense pleasure to be interviewed by Jack Canfield
  • I’ve been featured in  Wall St Journal’s “Masters of Success” segment 
  • ​ Appeared on numerous TV shows, radio programs and podcasts.

I choose when I work and I have the money to do
what I want, when I want.

You can have all that success, too!!!

Just so you know, this workshop is not a ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ approach. I think you’ll agree that would be a complete waste of time. Because everyone is different and will take a different path to achieve abundance. That’s a beautiful thing.

We ALL have UNIQUE superpowers.

The key to tapping into yours is discovering your ‘Money DNA’…

 the deeply embedded code that gives you your own unique relationship to creating money.

Without this, you will be engaging in trial and error, leaving it up to chance as to whether you find the strategy that works best for you or not.

 Or you’ll stay right where you are now.

You don’t want that, do you?

You have the opportunity to see for yourself that once you discover your ‘Money DNA’ and understand it, it’s simply a matter of turning your intentions into reality.

Are you feeling the call to sign up?

Listen…I’ve made this so affordable (and virtual!) because it’s my mission to help as many people as possible. My message is that ‘lack’, the state of never having quite enough, should not be anyone’s reality!!! And it doesn’t have to be…

 September 15th, 5 pm - 7 pm Eastern

Get Your Ticket Now For $0 &
Pay $97 After The Workshop, If you feel it's worth it!

Attend Virtually- Replays Available!


You will leave this workshop thinking differently about how to create wealth and abundance. I will give you the exact tools that allowed me to create my own dream life. 

What will you learn in this 3-hour virtual workshop?

  • The right way to communicate with yourself and your emotional needs, so you’ll finally pay attention to what you actually need, and not what the rest of the world is saying you need.
  • How much you need to adjust your current “flight path” to get from where you’re going now, to where you WANT to go.
  • ​​Identify and understand the money-making strategies that align with your natural abilities, so you can stop wasting time on the wrong things.
  • ​4 unconventional tests that will provide a deeper understanding of yourself than you’eve ever had, and what those results mean for your Money DNA
  • ​The key to NOT getting stuck in the rut of working yourself to the bone - you don’t have to grind until you die, I promise.
  • ​The 5 pillars that create and support your Money DNA - the core areas that you MUST understand to identify where your natural money flow exists
  • ​How to effectively direct the your unconscious mind, so you can take the actions you WANT to take instead of being a slave to your internal programing.
  • ​Know WHEN to make a decision so you can be more intune with yourself, your body, and your Money DNA
  • ​A better understanding of which path & vehicle will lead you towards the financial abundance you crave.
  • ​Financial abundance insights from my multimillionaire mentors & from my own personal journey. I’ll also be open for questions from the group.
  • ​Unlimited replays, so when you need to refer to this information again, it is always available to you.
  • ​And MORE.

Oh! And this isn’t the kind of webinar where you just sit back and listen to me lecture. There will be live exercises for you to do, some interventions, and visualizations. I want you to start work in the webinar, so you can start getting results IN THE WEBINAR.

 This is the work that will unlock a wealth-filled future for you. Give you financial freedom in a matter of months and take you way beyond abundance.

So, are you in??!! See you there!

Get Your Ticket Now For $0 &
Pay $97 After The Workshop, If You Feel It's Worth It!

Attend Virtually- Replays Available!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates for the 'Money DNA' Virtual Workshop? 
The Live Virtual will take place on September 15th, 2022. Access to the Workshop is by ticket only and links to each session will be sent out prior to each session.
What Is The Workshop Schedule?
 September 15th
5 pm - 7 pm ET
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Replays are available, (they are sent out about 2-3 weekdays later...)
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